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The Company was established under the "Thaismai Shop" name in 1960. The concept of the shop specializing in solely Thai boxing equipment and accessories was produced from the view of Mr. Boonchong Kupyapun's father, the founder of Thaismai Shop in order to provide high quality products for supporting the high growth demand.

In 1980, under Mr. Boonchong's supervision, the Company was renamed as Thaismai Sport Partnership Limited.

At the moment, the Company started exporting to Japan, Hong Kong, Europe, and the United State. In 1992, to facilitate the structure going forward and to nourish the market's expansion both locally and international, the Company was incorporated as a limited company under the name of "TSM Sport Export Company Limited".

As one of the largest Thailand's leading manufacturer and distributor of Thai boxing equipment and accessories, we have customers worldwide. Most of famous Thai boxers throughout the country have been using our products.

With relying on the close work in the research and development of our products, we believe that the qualities of our products and services have resulted in the dominant position in the local market and strong our brand recognition both locally and internationally.

Furthermore, we are proud to say we have been closely associated with many of the sport greatest boxers, trainers, and promoters, and through their association over these many years we have established our name through sponsorship world class boxers and many of the biggest promotions in Thailand.


Currently, we are running on our new online shop offering premium quality products at very realistic and reasonable price.

In addition, we are looking forward to the changing face of our website, not only incorporating new available technology but also listening to valued feedback from you in order to develop an interactive and functional website.


We as well long for building our site around the belief and hope we can provide you with more than just a catalogue of our products, rather Boxing tactics and complete fight related site that can offer visitors many varied aspects.

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